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Early Warning Network

It is essential to have a database in order to know where the pampas grass is spreading in areas far from the core area of the invasion if we are to contain the advance of this invasive species. It is for this reason that an application has been created which allows the recording of all records of the presence of the plant in Cantabria and Portugal, and a follow-up to the actions of elimination and restoration carried out as part of the LIFE project.

The early alert network will count on the contributions of all those interested in collaborating.

Register now and enter your pampas grass observations, so we can contain its expansion in non coastal areas, where this exotic species is not spread yet.

Distribution map of the pampas grass in the Atlantic Arc

Thanks to citizen contributions and the members and collaborators of the Stop Cortaderia LIFE project it is possible to maintain an updated map of the distribution of the pampas grass.

This multi-platform application can be used from a PC, tablet, or mobile phone and has been developed by Basoinsa and Geograma as from an adaptation of the EEIKO platform. All records reflected in this application are shared with the EEIKO and EASIN platforms.