Erradicating in expansion areas2020-01-10T14:37:47+01:00

Erradicating in expansion areas

Municipios de Cantabria libres de plumero

The Action Plan against the pampas grass in Cantabria contemplates the creation of an early alert network to allow the identification of new centres of invasion by the pampas grass before its consolidation or its conversion into larger populations with the aim of reducing the resources which need to be used to eradicate it. This early alert network is preferably applied in municipalities which are free from the pampas grass or those with isolated or scattered specimens.

Based on the objectives established by the Action Plan against the pampas grass in Cantabria this action is implemented with the aim of eliminating the isolated or dispersed clumps of the pampas grass in the southern sector of Cantabria. This is carried where the presence of the species is residual as it does not have the thermoclimatic conditions it needs for its expansion when the terrain is at a higher altitude above sea level with more frequent frosts and protected to a large extent by the presence of pre-coastal sierras which act as a physical barrier against the dispersal of the seeds by the wind