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Pampas grass work group

The current action strategy in the fight against the pampas grass is suffering from a lack of coordination between administrations at various levels and governments of autonomous regions and countries of the Atlantic Arc. The fight to eliminate an invasive species as widespread as the pampas grass requires the setting in motion of coordinated actions at both a small and large scale. The pampas grass working group which was created as part of the LIFE Stop Cortaderia project is attempting to mitigate this lack of coordination, to encourage the exchanging of information on the problem of the invasive species Cortaderia selloana, and to extend good practices in its control and eradication in the regions of the Atlantic Arc (Portugal, Spain, and France).

This group will meet periodically and will consist of state, regional, and local administrations of the regions of the Atlantic Arc of Portugal, Spain, and France; and also of experts, researchers, managers and members of NGOs, professional associations, representatives of professional sectors affected, or companies

The essential functions of this working group are:

  • Encouraging the coordination and cooperation of the Administrations.
  • Encouraging the exchanging of experiences and disseminating the experiences of this LIFE project.
  • Updating and carrying out a follow-up of the information on the situation as to the threat posed by the pampas grass and its problems in the Atlantic Arc.
  • Revising the operation and the application of the Action Plans and/or strategies for fighting against this invasive species.
  • Giving advice in the drawing up of technical projects which may be referred to Community financial regulations.
  • Disseminating the contents of the Project so as to encourage the reproduction of its main aspects in the whole of the Atlantic Arc.
  • Informing the politicians responsible and public opinion of the problem posed by this invasive species.
  • Approving and monitoring the application of the Transnational Strategy of the fight against the pampas grass in the Atlantic Arc.
  • Drawing up recommendations for including the problem of the pampas grass in the various sectorial policies.