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Pampas grass in Atlantic Arc

The LIFE Stop Cortaderia Project was put forward with the aim of reducing the impact of the pampas grass on the environment of the Atlantic Arc and of fighting against the spreading of the species and eliminating it from the natural milieu. The initiative has been operating for five years so as to generate scientific and management knowledge in order to allow the implementation of new efficient techniques in the fight against the pampas grass in the Atlantic Arc. At the same time cooperation and coordination networks are being established between public administrations in the various regions of the Atlantic Arc and a social mass is being generated which is aware of the problems the presence of the pampas grass causes to the environment, the economy, and health.

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LIFE Stop Cortaderia partners and Regional Government of Cantabrian representants

Socios del LIFE Stop Cortaderia con Jesús Oria, Consejero de Medio Rural de Cantabria (2018)