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Preparatory action and the drawing up of action and management plans

A1. Cartography of the pampas grass in the Network of Protected Natural Spaces of Cantabria

It is a case of drawing up detailed maps of the distribution of the pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) in the Special Protection Areas of Cantabria by means of the processing of high resolution satellite images. This cartography will allow the obtaining of real and updated information on the distribution of the species and on the surface area it occupies in the Special Protection Areas of Cantabria.

A2. Regional cartography of the pampas grass

It is case of drawing up a distribution map of the pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) in the autonomous region of Cantabria and the northwest of Portugal with the aim of getting to know the spatial evolution of the species over time. In order to do so work will be carried out to obtain an average spectral signature as from the various spectral signatures of Cortaderia selloana associated with its main biotic and abiotic components.

A3. Register of Territory Custody agreements

It is a case of reaching custody agreements for the elimination of the pampas grass and the environmental recovery of spaces with public and private owners in such a way that the latter undertake to respect the viability of the conservation actions carried out within the project for a period of at least ten years.

A4. Transnational Strategy of the fight against the pampas grass in the Atlantic Arc

This action consists of drawing up a transnational document with criteria of the management and handling of the species and its problems in the form of several conferences and congresses with technicians and managers from all over the Atlantic Arc (Portugal, Spain, and France). This document is of technical value and involves the mobilisation of players all over the Atlantic Arc which could publicly join the strategy.