Monitoring the impact of actions2020-01-08T15:55:31+01:00

Following up the impact of the actions

D1. Monitoring the conservation actions

This action is designed to assess all conservation actions so as to assess the actions of the general objective of halting the advance of the pampas grass in Cantabria; the number of specimens removed and the re-appearance capacity; the efficiency of the restoration measures; and the evolution of the experimental projects on pilot plots.

D2. Monitoring the level of compliance with the LIFE indicators

This action is designed to assess compliance with the following indicators: the improvement of nature, species, and biodiversity; the economic impact, replication acceptance and replication; and communication, dissemination, and awareness.

D3. Monitoring the socioeconomic impact of the Project

This action allows the assessment of different indicators of socioeconomic impact such as the creation of direct employment, the creation of employment for the disabled, the generation of indirect employment; the impact on other economic activities; public awareness; and the training of technical personnel of sectors and public administrations involved in the management of the pampas grass.

D4. Monitoring ecosystem services

The fight against invasive species involves the restoration and improvement of habitats and species of Community interest and therefore also implies the recovery of the ecological operation of the estuary and therefore of the capacity to provide ecosystem assets and services. To analyse the impact of the project on ecosystem services the methodology followed is that of TESSA (Toolkit for Ecosystem Services Site-based Assessment), an assessment tool which was conceived among others by BirdLife International in collaboration with top scientific centres. Its aim is to help to identify which ecosystem services are most important in a given space, which data must be taken, and what methodologies must be used to obtain these data and be able to analyse them and communicate the results.