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LIFE+ program

The LIFE programme is the only financial instrument of the European Union devoted exclusively to the environment. Its general objective for the 2004-2020 period is to contribute towards sustainable development and the meeting of the goals of the 2020 Europa Strategy and the strategies and plans of the Union on the environment and climate.

Its general objective is based on catalysing the changes to the development and the application of policies by providing solutions and better practices for achieving the environmental and climatic aims, and also by encouraging innovative technologies regarding the environment and climatic change. It must likewise support the application of the General Programme of the Environment of the Union until 2020 “Live well but respect the limits of our planet”.

The LIFE Programme is divided into two sub-programmes, each of which consists of three priority areas.

The sub-programme for Environment divided in the following three priority areas:

  • Environment and Resource Efficiency;
  • Nature and Biodiversity;
  • Environmental Governance and Information.

The sub-programme for Climate Action, divided in the following three priority areas:

  • Climate Change Mitigation;
  • Climate Change Adaptation;
  • Climate Governance and Information.