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LIFE work projects

The problem caused by the effects of the presence of invasive species of fauna and flora is not confined to Spain or the Atlantic Arc but recurs all over the planet. Invasive species represent a major challenge for the conservation of biodiversity on a world scale. Because of this various projects and experiments are currently being carried out in the European Union under the protection of the LIFE Programme, as is the case with LIFE Stop Cortaderia.

With the aim of being able to exchange knowledge and experiences and also to extend the scope of the projects devoted to the fight against invasive species, a network working group for LIFE projects was created. This working group has had its first contact during the meeting for launching LIFE projects held in Brussels in November, in which the following LIFE projects were represented:

French association Aude Nature visits Stop Cortaderia to participate against Pampas grass

Aude Nature de Francia visita a los técnicos de LIFE Stop Cortaderia

Alliances with France to fight the Pampas grass

The LIFE Stop Cortaderia has outreach, awareness-raising and strategic actions in Portugal, Spain and France. However, while it has partners involved in the project from the first two countries; LIFE does not have French partners among its partnership. So efforts have been redoubled to reach out to the actors involved in managing and fighting the Pampas grass in France.

Thus, various meetings have been held in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques Department, in which LIFE technicians have shared their knowledge and experience with technicians, stakeholders and managers of public spaces and communication infrastructures. As a result of all this, a work network has been established that will culminate with the cellebration of a LIFE Stop Cortaderia Seminar in 2021 at the Saint Jean de Luz Botanical Garden. In addition, French entities have joined the preparation of key project documents, such as the Transnational Strategy for Combating the Pampas grass and the Best Practice Manual.

Technicians and stakeholders from Portugal, Spain and France participate in a meeting in the Saint Jean de Luz Botanical Garden

Gestores y expertos de Francia, España y Portugal participaron en la reunión en el Jardín Botánico de Saint Jean de Luz